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*”I was diagnosed with M.S. in June 1990 although I probably had it a couple of years before that. I have remitting relapsing M.S. as opposed to primary progressive, which means I have attacks, rather than a slow decline. This can change to secondary progressive any time it wants to. One of the most debilitating symptoms was chronic fatigue, which can strike at anytime anywhere and for no reason. It doesn’t happen because I’ve over done it. I could get out of bed and have fatigue by the time I’ve got down stairs. Fatigue can last days, weeks or months, there is nothing you can do. I no longer worry about it thanks to Julie James and hypnotherapy. I still at times have feelings of fatigue but they pass in about 15 to 20 minutes, so I no longer have that hanging over my head.

My eyes were giving me a lot of pain due to double vision which has been going on since May, I am due to go to the eye hospital on 7.01.02. My eyes became very sensitive to the cold, and I found I could not walk near to the freezer aisles in the local supper market. This was becoming very distressing, because if we had a cold winter I would not be able to leave the house without being in a lot of pain, now due to Julie, teaching me self-hypnosis I can guard against this by hypnotic suggestion. So this allows me to shop and leave the house without worrying.

Since being diagnosed with M.S., I started to suffer with cluster migraines, which have increased in severity and frequency over the last four years and these have a direct effect on the M.S. Now due to techniques taught to me by Julie, I can if caught in time control them, and even stop them altogether, such as this week I have prevented three of them. Dealing with them in this way they no longer affect the M.S. like they did in the past. Other symptoms that have improved are, my energy levels, my balance and vertigo.

The biggest advantage I feel I have been given is by Julie teaching me self-hypnosis, as anyone who has M.S. knows you have no control over the way its going to effect you and you feel rather at the mercy of it. You are playing a waiting game with what part of your body it will attack next. By learning self-hypnosis, I now have a degree of control over the M.S. for the first time. I now have something to fight back with, and its a great feeling to be more positive about the future for the first time in years, thanks to Julie.”

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