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Confidence Hypnosis

Do you always doubt yourself, put yourself down or constantly apologise? Does the thought of meeting new people fill you with fear? Do you hate being out of your comfort zone and venturing into new territory?

Everybody is born confident. As you go through life some experiences add to your confidence and some take it away. If something has “taken away” your confidence it can be difficult to get it back, as you can then become more vulnerable to other things knocking your confidence.

It may be that you have never had any encouragement or confirmation that you were doing the right thing. Starting a new job and worrying about failure can affect your confidence as can pressure from bosses or parents.

It may be that you have lost confidence in a particular area of your life, for example, if you have fallen off your horse or had an accident in your car. Some people just feel they have always been shy and reserved for no particular reason.

Whatever your personal issues are, Julie can help you address these, and treat you as an individual. Gaining more confidence has a wonderfully beneficial effect on all areas of your life and hypnotherapy is an effective means of achieving this. Results are quick, effective and lasting.

Please contact Julie for further advice. You may also like to read testimonials about Confidence below.

What Julie's clients say about Confidence Hypnosis

*Review written after just 3 sessions.

“I noticed Julie’s details online whilst I was searching for a Hypnotherapist. Her’s stood out from the rest due to the outstanding reviews on Google reviews.
Some years back, I had been to see a Hypnotherapist with another problem in Harley Street. I went to Harley street thinking they would be the best. Well I can tell you now, you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to see the best in the business. I never got anything from my sessions in Harley Street and had lost confidence in the whole Hypnosis thing. That is, until  I saw Julie’s reviews which instilled me with confidence. When I saw Julie, I then realised what a true professional can really do. Julie evoked such deep feelings of Hypnosis which I had not experienced before with the other Hypnotherapist.
Julie was amazing!  She made me feel relaxed instantly during our first meeting, and after three sessions I felt a new person. She has boosted my confidence and put laid to rest any issues I had before. I can’t recommend Julie enough as she is the real deal.  Thanks Julie for everything. Onwards and upwards for me – thanks to you!”
CC, Brighton

*This letter was written to Julie after just two sessions.

“I want to write to you to thank you for what I feel is a positive change in my daily life, most of which I could not put down on paper.

I seem to be overall more calm and able to cope with the ‘stresses’ more easily. I have an inner confidence – I can only describe as a warm glow about me, holding me up and supporting me, whereas before I felt nervous & skirted conversations with strangers.
I genuinely feel more interesting, approachable and not afraid of rejection.

I have a more positive ability to just do things which I previously would not have, I and know that this is from the therapy you gave me.
Thank you for giving me the strength to try!”

AP, Crawley

* DISCLAIMER – Please note results may vary.

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