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Sugar Addiction

Are you someone who:

  • Can’t stop eating sugar once you start, can’t stop at one biscuit?
  • Is plagued with constant food/drink cravings, especially for sweets, chocolate, sugary drinks or refined carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread or crisps?
  • Wants to eat something sweet after a meal?
  • Thinks about sweet treats most the time?
  • Drinks more than one can of fizzy drink a day
  • Enjoys a mocha or latte coffee most days
  • Rewards yourself with a sugary treat
  • Turns to sugary foods when stressed
  • Hides your sugary food/drinks from others
  • Worries that you may develop diabetes

If you feel that the amount of sugar you consume is out of control and you just can’t seem to get by without it, then Julie can help you.

You were more than probably emotionally trained to seek and eat sugar from a young age. Children are often rewarded with sugary food: If you clear your plate you can have a dessert, if you are good you can have a sweet etc. Also when a child is feeling down they are often given a biscuit or chocolate bar to help cheer them up.

Hence you grow up completely, emotionally engaged with sugar? It is your reward, your happiness and your habit. You have been trained into using sugar to satisfy an array of emotions. Your body then comes to expect/crave sugar.

This emotional training is held in your subconscious mind. Julie’s Hypnotherapy retrains your subconscious emotional mind to find other, more grown-up and resourceful ways to fulfil the emotional needs that sugar is currently satisfying.

Read how Julie helped writer Julia Crouch manage her drinking.

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