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*”IBS is not an illness but it is a problem that destroys the quality of life for the sufferer. It grew on me gradually and whilst I could eat normally at home, outside in a social environment I began to dread eating with the resultant problems which this involved. In the end I had to refuse all invitations which involved food. For over a year I tried all the medications prescribed by my doctor, but none helped.
Then I met Julie James. I had read that hypnosis could help find the underlying problems which caused IBS to start and take hold. Julie has transformed my life by finding the causes of which I was unaware, with the result that even after only one session I was so confident that I forgot that there had ever been a problem.

The result is a miracle that has transformed my life. I am now rid of the IBS, feel physically and mentally well and completely back on an even keel. I cannot thank Julie enough.”

Read how Julie helped writer Julia Crouch manage her drinking.

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07710 507127

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