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Tips on overcoming fear of heights

With the i360 now open a lot of people will be looking forward to taking a ride, however there will also be a number of people dreading the prospect due to a fear of heights. A lot of fears are totally irrational however in this case it is good to have a healthy respect for heights as they are potentially dangerous.

The feelings of anxiety are coming from your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is there to protect you and is perceiving the height as a threat. It can be difficult to change subconscious reactions however there are some things that you can do to help.

Firstly imagine yourself somewhere that you feel really safe and calm, close your eyes and think about that safe place to help turn up those feelings of calmness and safety as high as you can. Then when you have these good feelings, press your thumb and forefinger together at the same time to ‘anchor’ these feelings. When you then just press your thumb and forefingers together notice that the feelings of calmness and safety return. Practise this so that these feelings come back quickly and with strength.

Now when you are confronted with the i360, or any height you can trigger this anchor to bring the feeling of calmness back. Remember the more you use your anchor the stronger it will get.

Another thing that will help is to look around you and notice how calm and relaxed everyone else is. If they can be calm then so can you.

If you do experience feelings of anxiety, recognise them for what they are; thank your subconscious mind for protecting you. Tell yourself that you are safe and it’s ok to relax.

As always taking slow deep breaths will help you relax. Lastly take a trusted friend of family member with you for support.

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