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Gambling Addiction

Fixed odds betting terminals, better known as the crack cocaine of gambling. Are you addicted?

Back in the news again yesterday this is proving to be a big problem not just in the South East but all over the country.
So what drives people to gamble? One of the first reasons is the thought of making easy money, especially if you win with your first introduction to gambling you may be under the false impression that this is a fast way to riches. It will not be long before you give all you winnings and more back to the bookmaker. You then get caught in the trap of chasing your losses or ‘get-even-itis’ as I have heard it described. It doesn’t take long to get in a cycle of winning and losing but invariably losing more because the odds are stacked against you. And the odds are stacked against you, that is how the bookies make their money; it’s a basic business model. If you are one of the very few gamblers that do make money it is not long before the bookmaker will no longer stand your bets!

Another reason to get addicted especially with the fixed odds terminals is the design. Millions of pounds are invested to research what attracts people to stay on these machines i.e. what makes them addictive. It is no coincidence that all those lights and sounds are so alluring.
Then there is the buzz of a big win…all that money apparently for nothing. The sound of all those coins clinking out of the machine combined with the lights flashing and bells sounding can give you a rush of excitement.
“Each time I have a winner, it gives me a boost. I might lose on the next spin and then if I win on the following one, that’s a boost again. I keep on thinking I’m going to get my money back, plus a bit.” John (BBC News)

So what can you do about it as the government seem to be reluctant to change any laws at the moment? One solution is hypnotherapy.
Hypnotherapy is very effective at changing people’s habits and behaviours. You may have heard that hypnosis can help with habits such a smoking and food addictions like sugar. It can also help break your gambling addiction. Reasons why you are gambling will be addressed and the association with ‘the buzz’ and gaming broken so that you can see yourself on the road to freedom.

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