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We seem to be getting advice left right and centre about how to deal with this enforced period of isolation…join in Jo Wicks exercises, meditate, call your friends on Facetime, the list goes on and on, some of it helpful some of it no so.

But no one knows exactly how you are feeling, no one else has exactly the same circumstances as you, so where is the best help going to come from?

The answer is you. You speak your language, you know how you feel. You have probably heard the question posed before “what advice would you give to your teenage self?” What you need to do now is imagine yourself in 10 years’ time, a time when you have not only survived what is going on at the moment but thrived and learned from it. Ask yourself what would that older, wiser more enlightened me say?

The answer might be as simple as “you will be ok”, the important thing is that it is your answer to your situation so just sit and think for a while about what that advice might be.

I do like the following quote…

“It’s all alright in the end. If it’s not alright, then it’s not the end.”

Read how Julie helped writer Julia Crouch manage her drinking.

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