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3 Tips for choosing the best online hypnotherapist

In the current health crisis everything seems to be going online including therapy.

While this may not be your first choice, if you find yourself needing hypnotherapy at the moment it is probably your only choice. When things get back to normal it will be a new normal and we will all be much more familiar with doing things online in the first instance rather than defaulting to face to face. So below I have listed some ideas to help you choose the best hypnotherapist online for you.


We are all familiar with the term Location, Location, Location being the most important thing when it comes to buying property, well the same applies with your therapist…Review, Reviews, Reviews. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a word of mouth recommendation the next best thing to go on is reviews. You need to look for the 3rd party reviews on Google Plus, Yell, and Facebook etc. Whilst a therapist may have some great reviews on their own websites the best way to know they are authentic is for them to be external. I am not suggesting people have made up their reviews, however the best way to guard against it is to look at an independent site.


Unfortunately this can be a minefield with hypnotherapy as there are a lot of independent schools with varying standards, there are also a lot of independent societies which therapists then join also with varying standards. Look for people who have taken courses which have been approved by The Hypnotherapy Association, National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH), The National Hypnotherapy Society or the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC). Do not necessarily write off others for instance the school I trained at is no longer in existence due to the passing of the trainer.

If you are baffled by all the initials after a therapists name I recommend that you give them a call and ask about their qualifications and experience. This will give you a better idea as to if this is the best online hypnotherapist for you.


The time a hypnotherapist has been practising can make a huge difference in their success rate. The more clients you see the more you learn. Also people tend to do more courses and CPD as they progress their career thus adding to their techniques, skill and knowledge.



*INTERNET      Before you embark with online hypnotherapy make sure you have a good internet connection as you do not want to drop off line at any point.

*COMFORT      Be in a comfortable space, remember your head might lull backwards or to the side so good support is important as well as being in a warm quiet space. When you are in hypnosis everything slows down and you may well cool down so consider putting a blanket over yourself?

*PETS              If you have any pets particularly dogs or cats make sure they are out of the way and not going to jump on you mid-session. The same can be said for children.

*PRICE            Have an idea of the probable number of sessions you will need and session charge. A low charge may mean a high number of sessions so you may end up paying more than you expected. Also very high charges don’t always mean a more successful outcome. Remember some hypnotherapists are trading off their geographically location and if they have a prestigious London address you may be paying an inflated price. Online you have the world to choose from, high rents are not your problem. So do consider price when finding your best online hypnotherapist.

*VOICE           You need to like the voice of your therapist, if it grates on you or you do not like the accent it has the potential to get in the way. A lot of hypnotherapist will have a video of themselves on their website so watch and listen to that especially if you don’t have a chance to speak to them on the phone first. Trust is also important and you may not get a feel for this if you have not spoken to your therapist first, this is where the reviews will help you.

Hypnotherapy online may seem like a leap of faith so here is what some of my clients said on the matter:

“I’d had a few sessions with Julie before the pandemic locked us down. They’ve really helped me build confidence, change my mind set and begin to make real changes in my life. We had a session booked and I was given the option to postpone or try virtual; I decided to go virtual – I didn’t want to stop the progress I was making. At first, I felt a little unsure about how it would work and whether I would receive the same level of therapy. Any doubts were immediately removed. The session was great, maybe even a little better. You can get comfortable in your own space – your own home – and listen to Julie through headphones which blocks out other sounds, and which, as with music, delivers the audio directly to you mind. I’ve had two virtual sessions now and have another booked. I’m so pleased that I didn’t postpone my progress. Who knows how long this will last, may as well embrace the new” Claire

“Just had my second on-line session with Julie and it really works.Find a quiet comfy seat, lock the door, plug in the headphones and crack on. Her voice is still as strong as in the room. Highly recommend it!” Simon.

Please note results may vary.

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