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*”After a particularly stressful 6 months which included a family bereavement, illness and additional work responsibilities, I started to suffer increasingly from anxiety and panic attacks. These, became so frequent that I wouldn’t socialise and eventually was unable to go to work.

Although I had suffered from panic attacks before, which had been treated through medication, I went to Julie in the hope that hypnotherapy would offer an alternative to another long course of medication.  At our first session, I was particular anxious as my problem had made me fearful of any new situation, however Julie quickly reduced my levels of anxiety by using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to a level where I felt comfortable.  Julie’s professional and caring manner gave me the confidence to start the hypnotherapy sessions.

Immediately after the first session I noticed I was far calmer and more relaxed. Part of me still expected that I would have another panic attack, however as the following week progressed I didn’t have one attack – there where a few times when I felt anxious, but I was able to control the anxiety and prevent it from spiraling out of control.

With subsequent sessions, I continued to improve to the point that I now have regained complete control of my life and I am able to take on new situations which I would have avoided prior to Julies’ hypnotherapy sessions.  I haven’t had a panic attack since my first meeting with Julie – amazing.

I went to Julie with an open mind but wasn’t expecting any major improvement with my problem.  I was, and I am still amazed at the difference that the sessions with Julie have made to my well-being.  I would strongly recommend hypnotherapy sessions with Julie, to anyone who has experienced similar panic or anxiety problems.”

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