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*Review written after just 3 sessions.

“I noticed Julie’s details online whilst I was searching for a Hypnotherapist. Her’s stood out from the rest due to the outstanding reviews on Google reviews.
Some years back, I had been to see a Hypnotherapist with another problem in Harley Street. I went to Harley street thinking they would be the best. Well I can tell you now, you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees to see the best in the business. I never got anything from my sessions in Harley Street and had lost confidence in the whole Hypnosis thing. That is, until  I saw Julie’s reviews which instilled me with confidence. When I saw Julie, I then realised what a true professional can really do. Julie evoked such deep feelings of Hypnosis which I had not experienced before with the other Hypnotherapist.
Julie was amazing!  She made me feel relaxed instantly during our first meeting, and after three sessions I felt a new person. She has boosted my confidence and put laid to rest any issues I had before. I can’t recommend Julie enough as she is the real deal.  Thanks Julie for everything. Onwards and upwards for me – thanks to you!”

Read how Julie helped writer Julia Crouch manage her drinking.

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07710 507127

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