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*”One session with Julie and I stopped smoking. A year later I am still not smoking. It is a pleasure not to smell of smoke, to be getting healthier and not being worried about whether I will be able to smoke when I visit friends or have a night out. In addition to Julie’s skill as a hypnotherapist, she also gives practical advice, which I found really helped. Having smoked for around 30 years the addiction is not the only obstacle to overcome. In my case the habit, giving myself a ‘treat’ particularly when having a stressful day, the enjoyment of a drink and a cigarette and my image of myself as a smoker, where the challenge was. Association of ideas, such as when you are away on holiday or the season changes and you catch a whiff of someone else smoking outside, are all very evocative of good times passed. For me there was a sense of loss that I don’t think I could have got passed without Julie’s help. I am so impressed by what she helped me do for myself that I am now participating in a course to learn how to hypnotize myself. I have already learnt a very useful relaxation techniques, which I am sure, will help raise my energy levels. I thoroughly recommend hypnotherapy – it works!”

Read how Julie helped writer Julia Crouch manage her drinking.

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